Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Monday, July 16, 2012


Mister Cooper is 13 months old! He continues to be a little ham.  He is almost completely walking.  He walked all around the house this weekend from room to room.  He does really good until he looks around and realizes he's on his 2 feet and then he falls :)  He has never been a good eater, but here lately he is trying more things and liking them.  His had his first taste of fried fish on Friday and loved it!  He's still a fruit and yogurt boy.  If I can't get him to eat anything, I know he will eat mandarin oranges and yogurt.  Oh well, at least its healthy! He's a pretty happy baby...excuse me...toddler...(still not used to that!) unless his ears are bothering him.  Poor thing, even with tubes, he continues to have ear infections and his ears drain constantly.  We go tomorrow for a follow up appointment.  They told us last time if they weren't any better, then they were going to take his adenoids out.  I hate for him to have to go through that but if it helps stop the ear infections and constant runny nose, then I'm ready to do it because I'm sure its miserable for him.  So, we shall see!  Here are a few candids from this weekend!

What a face

Okay, okay, I'll smile
I need a little milk mom before our photo session

Silly clown

Love this!!


Okay mom, enough pictures already :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July Fun!

On the fourth, we headed out to the lake and spent the day riding on the barge and soaking up some sun! Cooper did great on this trip to the lake.  When we went Memorial Day weekend he did not like the water at all.  This time though, he was ready to get in.  He had so much fun!

The girls in there matching Fourth of July swimsuits.

Nana got all of them matching swimsuits so even Cooper had his stars and stripes on :)

I wanted a picture of them all in their red, white, and blue, but this was the best one I got.  They only one that would cooperate was Micah Claire! LOL!

He looks like he is up to something!

Chilling with Poppa

Uncle Don even came down to visit!

So sweet!

His shorts were sagging just a tad! LOL!

Silly faces :)

Cool Dudes!

Aunt Brooke and her girls

His face cracks me up.  I think he was tired of all the pictures :)

He loved riding on the raft!

The whole gang!

 Cooper had his first sucker that he got to eat all by himself.  He was in heaven!

Happy boy!

This weekend, my Mother's Day present was finally finished!  I wanted a porch swing for Mother's day and Eric came up with the best idea.  He found his Mamaw Roberson's old porch swing stored at his dad's house and thought it would be neat to have it fixed up and repainted.  I LOVED that idea!  I wish I had taken a picture of it before.  It was mint green and of course the paint was chipping.  Eric took it and had it repainted white to match our front porch.  It turned out so good.  I love it!  And most of all I love the history of it.  Now Cooper gets to swing on the same porch swing that Eric did growing up. 

Swinging on our new porch swing for the first time!

Saturday night, we went over to Aunt Brooke and Uncle Shawn's to eat dinner and hang out.  After dinner, Micah Claire took Coop for his first ride in the Barbie Jeep.  He LOVED it!  It was hilarious watching them :)

Hope everyone had a great Fourth!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Life since turning a year old

I feel bad I haven't posted anything since Cooper's birthday, but we have been going 90 to nothing since then! The Tuesday after his birthday he got his first hair cut!  He did so good.  He sat there like it was no big deal.  I was so glad because I wasn't sure how he was going to handle it.  I was also glad because he REALLY needed it :)  After it was over though it made me sad because he didn't look like a baby anymore.  He looked like a little boy..growing up so fast!

Miss Lindsey did his first hair cut!  She did a great job!

 Look how long his hair was! LOL

He looks all grown up :(

Another first that week is he got to ride in his big boy car seat facing forwards for the first time.  Needless to say he LOVED it!

On Wednesday, we had his 1 year pictures taken by Jessica Worley. She did my maternity and newborn pictures and did such a great job, I had to get her to do his pictures again. I haven't seen all of them yet. This was just the sneak peak she sent me!  What's cool is we had one just like this that we did for his newborn session :)

Newborn session

1 year pictures.  LOVE!!  I can't wait to see the rest of them

Last Saturday, we made the trip to Cotter for my niece Hunter's 5th birthday party.  Now, Cotter is about a 4 hour trip from Arkadelphia, so I was a little concerned about how Coop was going to do on the drive.  To my surprise he did great!  He slept the whole way up there and on the way back he slept all but an hour of the trip.  Not too bad!  We had a great time seeing my brother and his whole family! I hate we live so far away so we could do it more often!

The birthday girl!  She had a Hello Kitty party.  My sister-in-law Amanda made her cake.  She did  great job!!  It was too cute!

 Cooper had fun checking everything out :)

Picture time with Momma :)

After the last 2 bust weekends, we decided this weekend we were going to take it easy.  Saturday, we were lazy couch potatoes ALL DAY!  Cooper took a 3 hour nap and Eric and I slept he whole time he did.  It was great!

Although we still had time for some fun candids! :)

Coolest dude ever! :)