Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

 Its hard to believe Christmas is already over with, but we had so many fun Christmases with ALL our family!  We started it off on Saturday with Christmas at my mom's house. Its always so fun when the whole family gets together! 


 He was a pro at opening gifts this year!

Love his face!

He got his very own set of drums and he was happy!  This boy is obsessed with drums!

Loving his new shirt

 Giving Mickey LOVE

Football Studs! These two had so much fun playing together! 

It didn't take long for him to break out the drums and put on a concert

They both rocked it out!!

 Me and my sweet sis-in-law!

 We were so happy Mama Lois was able to come join us for Christmas!

 I told him to smile and this is what I get :)
That's better

He LOVED his Wii hunting and fishing game

This was our night :)

We had a great Christmas at Mimi and Pawpaw's!

Our next stop was on Christmas Eve.  It has been tradition since as long as I can remember that my whole family on my dad's side gets together on Christmas Eve.  So Christmas Eve morning we loaded up and went to Hope.

Sweet giggles with my Aunt Debbie

Love this pic with my sweet sister and daddy!! 

 3 amigas!  Me, my sister, and my cousin

No smile from him, but at least he was looking :)

Next, Christmas Eve night, we went to Eric's moms for their Christmas! Coop had a blast!

Of course he had to play the piano for a while :)

Waiting patiently :)

Time to dig in!

He LOVED his Mickey guitar

He was super excited he got his very own set of Carrhart overalls just like daddy

 And his favorite present of the night...His very own bow!

Love that excitement!!!

 He also got his very own train whistle...thanks Nonee! ;)

And some cool band-aids that he had to immediately put on 

A tractor!!!

And every boy needs their own camo tent and sleeping bag!

 Rocking out with his new guitar!

Helping daddy open his gifts

 Helping mommy open her gifts and he was pumped when it was money :)

Before I knew it he had stripped down and was asking to put on his overalls!

He LOVED Pepaw's duck call 

Trying out his new bow

We had so much fun with the whole gang!!

When we got home Christmas Eve it was time to write our letter to Santa, put out the milk and cookies, and this year we put out food for the reindeer.

Writing his letter to Santa :)

Daddy writing out everything he wanted to tell Santa


Signing his letter

Putting out the milk and cookies!

Putting out the reindeer food!

Santa came! 

Finally it was Christmas morning!

Running in Christmas morning!

 He went straight to the one thing he had asked Santa for...a toy gun!

He LOVED it!  (In fact the batteries are already out in it he has shot it so much) 

This boy loves to play football so Santa got him his own tackle buddy!

 Santa also brought in a tractor step stool to help him get in his bed for his big boy room!

 He loves to help daddy do yard work so Santa knew he would love to have his very own blower to help daddy blow the leaves

And every boy needs a chainsaw right?

Loving his new power drill and tools!

And he LOVED all his goodies Santa left in his stocking

Especially the ring pops :)

In Santa's letter to him, he told him he left him a surprise outside, so we bundled up to go see what it was!

Santa got him a swing set..or a park as he calls it :)

Love this, he ran to it with such excitement

He got in to swing, but it was so cold that morning, he didn't swing long :)

 Next, we went to see if the reindeer ate their food, and they had gobbled it up!

It was too cold to stay outside long, so we went back inside to play with all his toys.  It was such a fun morning!  There is no better feeling than seeing the excitement your child has on Christmas morning!

Our last stop for Christmas was to Poppa and Nana's house!  We had Christmas lunch and it was soo yummy!

Our 2013 Christmas family photo! It turned out really good!

Our little family photo :)

Poppa and Nana got Coop this super cool riding toy, some ear muffs so he can help daddy mow on the big mower, and a microphone stand.  With drums, a guitar, and a microphone stand it will be a concert at our house every night!

He didn't want to take his ear muffs off! :)

Nana had to try out Coop's new toy too! LOL!

We had such a wonderful Christmas with all our family!  We are SO BLESSED!!