Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Joy of Christmas!!

The weekend before Christmas was busy busy! Friday night we had our Christmas at Poppa and Nana's! Before we opened presents we had a little photo session.  Unfortunately Coop was not in the picture taking mood....
As you can see in this picture, he was not feeling it :) The girls looked super pretty and smiled big for me though!

He finally gave me a little smile

 There's that cheesy grin I love!

 Poppa, Nana, and their babies!
He wouldn't look at the camera

And he's DONE! What a Kodak moment! LOL!

Love you sis!
Tickle monsters!!
Aunt Brooke and Uncle Shawn got him a Elmo potty chair! He loves it! Now if I can just get him to actually use it
He just liked to sit on it and flush cause Elmo would talk to him :)
Now he's getting the idea! HA!

Kiki (as Coop likes to call her) loved her Aqua doodle!

MC showing off her bling :)
Saturday morning, Poppa came over to help daddy do some yard work and Coop got to drive the tractor! He loved it!

Take me for a ride on my big green tractor Poppa!

 So sweet!
Saturday night, we did Christmas at my mom's house with the whole gang!

Coop loves his Mimi

Mama Lois stopped by and he had to go out and say hi. Precious!

Coop and Max hit it off!

Love my big bro!

Chilling with Uncle Eric
They had a Baggo game going and Coop wanted to play too!

Love their faces here!

 Looks like Coop and Chandler are about to fight over this present :)

Pawpaw and Mimi got him his very own rocking chair!

It was the year for Elmo for this kid and he couldn't have been happier! He LOVES Elmo!


On my dad's side of the family, we have always had the tradition for the whole family to get together on Christmas Eve.  So Christmas Eve day we went to Hope for lunch. 

The kids had a blast playing football

Love this of us three

Christmas Eve night we always do Christmas with Eric's mom's side of the family

 Aunt Kay Kay and Santa (AKA Coop)
Too sweet!
Aunt Kay Kay and Coop had a dance party :)

He loved his table and chairs from Uncle Larry and Aunt Cin

Whoa a truck!

Nonee got him lots of legos!

He loved his Elmo lunchbox!!!

He wanted to climb on every present!

My little book worm.
He loved his piano cousin Chase got him

Well, we tried to get a good picture. HA!


Stylin in his new Elmo PJ's
Reading with Reece.  So sweet!
After we left Nonee and Pepaw's house Christmas Eve, we came home and got everything ready for Santa!

Daddy helping Coop write his letter to Santa
Putting out the milk and cookies!

Looks like he was a good boy this year!

His little face lit up when he saw Santa brought him a new ride!

Santa also brought him all the instruments to go with his Rocking Elmo

 And a basketball goal...He shoots, he scores!
This boy loves his legos!

Helping daddy open his gifts

That's one way to drive :)

Rocking out!
He loved this.  A book with a piano built in. He was in heaven!

Poppa and Nana came by to see all his new toys!

Pepaw, Nonee, and Aunt Kay Kay came by too and had breakfast with us

Loving on Elmo :)
We had such a wonderful Christmas with all our family!!!