Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Coop's first Christmas tree!

This year Cooper got to decorate his very own Christmas tree.  I asked him what color he wanted and he said he wanted a blue tree with green balls and that's exactly what he got :)

Excited to put all his green balls on the tree

 I started a tradition last year to buy Coop a Hallmark ornament every year and this year he got one of his favorite things..A John Deere tractor.  He was tickled!

Posing by his tree.  He did a great job!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Coop's First Race!

Saturday was the Battle of the Ravine and they always have tons of festivities before the game and one is a kids race.  The day before I asked Coop if he wanted to run it and he said yes and was so excited about it so that morning we went down there and signed him up!
Micah Claire and Kinley were also running!

Posing by the cone :)

He was all excited about it until it was actually time for the race....

As they were lining up, you can tell by his face he was not sure if he was liking this
Looking a little more worried....

 Really worried now! LOL!
So mommy ran with him :)

He ran for about 5 seconds and then I carried him the rest of the way :)

Crossing the finish line and getting his medal!

 He LOVD his medal and I was so proud of him!

After the race, it was off to ride rides!

 The choo choo train was his favorite ride of course :)

And to top off the day, he got to see Mickey Mouse and give him a high five!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Coop's First Gingerbread House!

This week we put up the Christmas tree and Coop LOVED it
My little cheeser

Tonight we went to Aunt Brooke's to make gingerbread houses with Micah Claire and Kinley.  This was Coop's first gingerbread house to make.  I think his favorite part was eating the candy and icing as we put it on the house :)

 Showing off their masterpieces!

His work of art! I love it!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Cooper was super excited Halloween morning because he knew he was having a party at school.  He kept saying "Party time momma!"

My little man before school.  It was a must to hold the pumpkin in the picture :)
Showing me his yummy cupcake!

Then he started double fisting the sweets!

This boy loves his sweets just like his momma!

After school it was finally time to go home and get his costume on.  Anytime someone would ask him what he was being for Halloween, he would say a tiger.  I kept telling him he was going to be Elvis, but he would still say tiger every time, so I was hoping he would be too disappointed.  Thankfully he wasn't.  As soon as he got his costume on, he got in character and started dancing and singing! And he even let me spray black hair spray in his hair! LOL!

Is this not the cutest Elvis you have ever seen! :)
Showing us his Elvis moves 

My little ham singing and dancing!

Elvis and Mimi!

Elvis had to make a trip to see Mama Lois! He knows she always has candy :)

Now here's a trio, Sophia the First, Elvis, and a Hippie! Love it!

And here you can see Elvis was done taking pictures

After we made all our stops to see family, we went to our church for their Fall Festival of games and lots of trick or treating.

Our Preacher's grand kids went as Elvis too.  We tried to get a picture of them all together, but my little Elvis wouldn't cooperate :)

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!