Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Monday, August 3, 2015

Camp Meeting 2015

Last weekend we loaded up and headed out to Davidson Campground for the start of Camp Meeting. I think of all the years I've been going and I do believe this was the hottest year yet! But we didn't let a little heat ruin the fun! Cooper was so excited to go this year.  He got to stay there all week with his Nonee and he loved it! Parker had fun too! He got to stay the first weekend and then we went out there every evening for church and to play. But next year, he will be big enough to stay out there too like his bubba! 

He loved swinging!

First trip to the commissary to get ice cream!

This boy loves bubbles!

He is obsessed with his bubba's bike :)

Our first morning out there what does he do...head straight to the park still in his pj's, LOL!

No matter where we are, he has to play some baseball

Time to cool off in the water!

That face! :)

Coop's friend Miley loved taking care of P

Water fight!

Nothing better than chillin on the front porch with daddy!

He LOVED the water balloons!

Time for children's church!

Pepaw and his boy!

Picture time before church Sunday morning


Best smile ever!

Mimi and her boy!

And the water war begins!

These 2 were on the prowl to get every one with water balloons

Coop snuck up on KK and got her! :)

My sweet P!

He was so excited to have a big boy bike for camp meeting this year!

Time for crafts!

Loving his ice cream!

Putting their money in at the birthday offering

Coop's favorite spot, the water hydrant 

Although its hard to tell here, they both had fun singing in their children's program Friday night. My camera stopped working and this was the only picture I got

Poppa came out to visit and watch their program!

Well another year of camp meeting has come and gone and a lot of memories were made. I'm so glad our kids are growing up getting to be a part of something so special!