Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Friday, September 30, 2011

15 Weeks and Rolling Over

I feel like it has been forever since I have blogged.  Last week was wild.  I came down with pink eye and was out of work for 2 days.  On top of that Cooper started to get sick.  His little nose was so runny and he was congested.  I took him to the doctor last Thursday and they recommended saline drops and suctioning his nose, which he hates!  This Thursday I took him back to the doctor because it just wasn't getting better.  This time they saw a little bit of fluid on his ear so she prescribed and antibiotic.  Hopefully it will get it knocked out.  It's hard for him to sleep so he's had to sleep in his car seat all week because he can't breathe when he lays flat.  Also, this week we finally got to start working on the house.  We painted every day after work and finished up Thursday evening. We've moved some stuff there, but nothing is put up yet.  After painting all this week, I am pooped plus Eric went to the deer woods, so it doesn't look like we will get in this weekend.  Oh well, I'm ready to be in the new house, but I dread the process of unpacking and organizing everything. 

On a more positive note, Cooper turned 15 weeks Thursday! 

Tonight we accomplished a big milestone...HE ROLLED OVER!!  YAY!  I finally got it on video.  He was playing on his mat while I was washing dishes.  One minute I looked at him and he was on his side.  The next minute I looked back and he was on his tummy.  I got so excited and got out my phone and the little stinker wouldn't do it again.  So I got up and finished dishes and looked and he was on his tummy.  I missed it AGAIN!!  So this time I sat there and made sure I got it!! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

3 months and so much more!

It has been a busy week!  This past Sunday we had a surprise party for my grandmother's 80th birthday.  It was great!  There were so many people there.  The look on her face was priceless.  It was a fun day.  We got to see family that we don't get to see very often and, of course, Cooper was the center of attention.

 Cooper and his Papaw

 We were so excited to see Aunt Crystal.  We haven't seen her since Cooper was in the hospital.  She couldn't believe how much he had grown.

 My nephew Kaleb. I can't believe how much this little one has grown!

 Cooper with his cousins

 My beautiful grandmother

 This is where Cooper was most of the day. Snuggled up with Nana :)

 So precious

 Love this picture!

On Monday, I had to go back to work :(  That first day was really tough, but I survived the first week.  Cooper did awesome at daycare, so that made me feel better.  They say he only cries when he's hungry or sleepy. 

 Here he is on his first day off to daycare.

I guess Cooper knew that first day back to work was going to be hard on mommy so he sent me a wonderful surprise to work :)

 Aren't they beautiful!

And they came with a note....

 Is this not the sweetest note ever!  It made my day so much better :)

I also received this super cute journal in the mail from Beth.  This is the sweetest thing ever!  It made me cry when I opened it up. Thank you so much Beth!  We love you!

Friday, Cooper turned 3 months old!!

 I can't get enough of this smile!

Daddy has been at deer camp since Thursday getting ready for deer season, so we went to see him Friday night.

Poppa's boy

 Cooper finally got to meet his uncle Blake! They hit it off :)

Saturday, we went to Hot Springs to see all my Glenwood girls plus Meredith :)  I can't tell you how awesome it is that we are all still close friends.  I love these girls so much!  And now, all of our kiddos are about the same age, so they can be best friends too.  Four of us had babies this year and they are all within a few months and some even weeks apart.  So needless to say we had a full house!  I loved every minute of it.

 Cooper and Meredith

 Amanda and Nat checking out mister Peyton

Love this!  Future BFF's Cooper and Peyton

All of the kiddos together! I still can't believe we got this picture.  We did have to bribe them with candy to cooperate! HA!

 This picture is priceless :)

 Cooper and Amanda

 Chillin with Nat

Saturday night we went back out to deer camp to eat dinner and see daddy.  We decided to get dressed for the occasion, so Cooper wore his camo outfit :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Cooper turned 12 weeks old this past Thursday.  This number is really bittersweet for me because him turning 12 weeks old means my 12 week maternity leave is over :(  Yep, I have to go back to work on Monday and I'm so not looking forward to it!!  You think 12 weeks seems like a long time, but it went by so fast!  I'm sad to go back to work, but I have cherished this time at home with him and I'm very thankful I got to take off as long as I did.  And, I feel good about the daycare he's going to.  They seem wonderful and I have heard nothing but good things, so I know he will be in good hands.  This past Wednesday I took him for a couple of hours to see how he would do.  They said he did great and he only cried when he was hungry.  That made me feel better.  My fear was dropping him off at daycare and him crying all day.  So hopefully I will be the only one crying on Monday :)  One thing I do dread about daycare is all the sickness that come with it.  He went one day and it just so happened to be a day where one of the kids had pink eye. The only way I found this out was because my niece Kinley came down with it too and she goes to the same daycare. So, of course Saturday morning he wakes up and his eye is all runny and matting up.  I immediately call the doctor and they called in some medicine.  It seems to be doing better, so hopefully we caught it early.  I'm sure that won't be the last thing he catches at daycare :) 

Here's my big 12 weeks old boy.  I love you so much Cooper!

 Daisy was jealous. She wanted in the picture too

 I love this smile!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our Labor Day Weekend

Saturday we headed out to the lake where Poppa, Nana, Uncle Shawn, Aunt Brooke, and the kiddos were camping.  We had a family cookout and celebrated Micah Claire's birthday.  Last weekend she had her party with her friends, but this weekend was her actual birthday on Sunday.  Cooper did really good.  He played, slept, and ate.  It doesn't get better than that right? :)

 Cooper and daddy just a chillin

I love Kinley's eyes here.  She was trying to drink and still look at the camera

Happy Kinley Bugs

Most of Cooper's stuff is still packed up because we haven't moved yet, so we don't have his exersaucer.  Well, Kinley was very gracious to let Cooper use her pretty pink one :)  We had to use a pillow to prop his head, but it won't be long and he'll be jumping around in there on his own. 

 Poppa playing with his boy

 He loved this thing!  He just played and played.

 You can't really tell but she is kissing his head :)

All that playing wore him out!

Kinley has been all about her uncle Eric lately!

 I love my MC!

 Time for presents!

I do believe this was her favorite gift of the night.  Her scooter she's been wanting 

 What's a birthday without Nana's Mississippi Mud Cake.  YUM!

Sunday we had the annual Roberson family reunion

What a crew we are :)

Monday, Eric and I decided to go hit some of the sales.  We need a lot of stuff for the new house, so what better day to go look.  Our old house just had a den.  Our new house has a living room and a den, so we needed some more furniture to fill up the house. We did good!  We found a dining room table and a new couch at Ashley's in Bryant.  We also went to Cost Plus Furniture in Malvern and got a great deal on a breakfast table, coffee, and end tables.  I can't wait to get in the new house, have everything organized, and be settled.  It's looking now like its probably going to be October before we get in, but at least there's a light at the end of the tunnel!