Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Monday, November 26, 2012


We had such a good Thanksgiving with our family! For us it was actually Thanksgiving all week.  We started our holiday last Sunday in Hope for my dad's side of the family's Thanksgiving. It was so much fun.  We had an amazing meal!  Coop's favorite was Aunt Debbie's mashed potatoes.  That's all he ate but he probably ate 2-3 helpings. It was so funny.  He kept saying "mo pease" (translation..more please). LOL! After we ate, all he kiddos went outside and played football, while us grownups sat around and moaned and groaned about how full we were :) 
Cooper had a blast playing football with Layne

I see the pros in his future ;)
Then, my sister and I decided we needed a good picture of all of our kids so we forced them to pose and smile for lots and lots of pictures.  They were all good sports about it, especially Drake, who is 16 now! Gosh, where has the time gone!

Our handsome men...Drake, Layne, Kaleb, and Cooper.

Poor Drake was sooo over it by this point! LOL!
 Then, my cousin Nicki's kiddos, Collin and Ava, got in on the action.  I swear Collin is one of the funniest kids I  have ever been around.  You can definitely tell he is a ham by these pictures!

So sweet!

Then we got Papaw in on the action..
Cooper kept pointing to the sky and saying "moon!"

So everyone else decided to look up too! LOL!

Me, my sister, and my handsome daddy!

On Wednesday, we did Thanksgiving with Poppa, Nana, Aunt Brooke, Uncle Shawn, and the girls. We had a relaxing night and had a nontraditional meal of pizza and it was perfect! After dinner we had a dance party in the shop.  Cooper broke it down, Micah Claire break danced, and Kinley ran in circles and shook her hiney.  It was great entertainment!

Cooper and Poppa
Future diva in the making!
On Thursday, we went to Aunt Cindy's and celebrated Thanksgiving with Eric's mom's side of the family.  Again, we stuffed our face.  Mister coop found a new food that he fell in love with...cheese ball.  That's all he would eat after taking one bite!

Loving some cheese ball!

He was loving Aunt Cin's piano

Later that day we went to my mom's and had Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family.  I was so glad my brother, Amanda, and the girls were able to come in.  They live almost 4 hours away so we don't get to see them as much as we would like to.  It amazes me every time I see them how much Kiya and Hunter have grown!

What a trio!

I wanted a good picture of the two of us but he wasn't cooperating :)

He loves to suck on those fingers!
I put up my Christmas decorations last weekend but I waited till Thanksgiving night to turn the lights on.

Here is what our tree looks like from the outside looking in. I love that I have a big window to display it!

Mister Coop was in awe at the lights!

I actually do have presents and I tried to put them under the tree but Cooper made a beeline for them and was ready to unwrap them so I had to put them up. So I will have a bare tree until Santa comes! :)

Look at that belly! :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

17 Months and meeting Santa!

My little guy turned 17 months old on Friday! Oh how he keeps me on my toes these days.  He is in to anything and everything.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I had to say "no" on a daily basis :) But he keeps me laughing and I melt every time I see that smile of his!

I know its not even Thanksgiving, but this weekend we were in the Christmas spirit, so I went ahead and put up the Christmas tree. Mister Cooper was my little helper :)

Helping mommy mesh the tree!

He had fun with the mesh :)
On Saturday, we loaded up with Aunt Brooke and the girls and went to see Santa!

Love this!
I really wasn't sure how Coop would do with Santa, but I didn't think it would be as bad as it was! Oh my, he was not a fan of Santa Claus.  He screamed bloody murder.  The only way he would sit there for the picture was in my lap.  So, unfortunately, I had to be in the picture too, but at least we got one :)
Santa Claus picture 2012
After seeing Santa, we did a little shopping and then went to Orange Leaf yogurt for the first time. It was super yummy. Coop loved it!

Chocolate face!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our week in a nutshell

Last week, daddy went on a hunting trip to Missouri, so Coop and I had the house to ourselves!
He decided he was going to help me do laundry :)

Then he decided it would be fun to cook and do laundry at the same time! LOL!

All spiffed up for church on Sunday!

Little stud muffin!

On Friday, we went and watched the Badgers play their first game in the playoffs.  We may not have won, but Coop had a good time.  He especially enjoyed his sucker during the game.


Saturday, Brooke and I ran in the Rally 5K and Miss Micah Claire ran in the kids run. We both ran our fastest times ever and came in second and third. Micah Claire did great in her run too. It was a good morning!

This past Saturday was opening morning of gun season, so daddy came back early from his other hunting trip to hunt some more! Coop and I went out to visit and of course Coop had a blast.  He loves him some deer camp!

Playing with daddy's horns

Monday, we were off work for Veterans Day.  Eric and Coop ran some errands that morning and they came home with this...
Loving his first 4 Wheeler!

It was hard to make him go inside.  He wanted to play on it all day :)