Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life is Good

Its been a good first week!  We got moved this weekend, so we are now officially residents of Arkadelphia again.  Its been a little hectic getting situated since we don't have a house yet, but it's getting better day by day.  I'll be glad when I'm not living out of a box!

Cooper had his first doctor's appointment on Monday and he now weighs 8# 7oz and he's 21 inches long.  I'm so glad he' gaining weight good.  He was not the best eater in the hospital and had lost down to 7# 10oz when we left.  But, he's making up for it now.  All he does now is eat :)

Here are some pictures over the last week

 Chilling with daddy

 My sweet boy!

 Thursday Cooper had his newborn pictures taken and Aunt Brooke was nice enough to let us use her house.  Cooper was eating up the attention :)

 This was our last picture at our house in Magnolia.  We made so many memories there over the past 3 years. 

 Little Roberson

 I love this picture!

 Look at that smile!  Just a cheesin

Cooper with his Aunt Kay Kay and cousin Reece

Cooper with his great grandmother Mama Lois

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome to the World!!

Oh how our life has changed since I last posted.  Everyone always says that becoming a parent is the best thing in the world and you will never love anything more, but you really don't understand it until you hold that precious baby in your arms.  Cooper has truly blessed our lives!  Eric and I are so in love with this little man :) 

Last week we had our week planned out for Cooper to arrive on Thursday at 5pm.  Monday I started having really bad back pain, which at the time I thought was possibly Braxton Hicks, but now I think it was signs of early labor.  I left work Monday for good and decided to rest until Thursday.  Resting was really hard knowing that I needed to be packing!  But, I did good for the most part.  My wonderful mother came down Wednesday to pack up my kitchen for me, which was a big help!!  Well, Wednesday night, I was getting ready for bed and my water broke at 10:30.  One thing about having a c-section that I hated we were going to miss was the experience of my water breaking and the ride to the hospital.  Well, we definitely got to experience it :)  It was funny because since we weren't planning on leaving until Thursday, we didn't have the car packed and we even had to stop and get gas! HA!  On the way to the hospital, I was having contractions every 10-12 minutes.  We got to the hospital at midnight.  Since I was having a c-section anyway because he was breech, they got us prepped and ready as soon as we got there and Mister Cooper made his debut at 2:47 a.m.  It was the best moment of our lives!

 Here we are right before they took me back.  I can't explain how nervous and excited I was

  Eric said he felt like he was going to a chemical spill :)

 Welcome to the world my precious boy!

 He weighed 8# 5oz and was 21.5 inches long

 I loved this picture of all our parents looking in through the window!

  I finally get to hold my little man.  There are no words to describe the joy I felt

  Cooper and my sweet Mamaw

  I was so happy my cousin Nicki was in Arkansas visiting so she could see baby Cooper

 Cooper and his Nonnie

 First family photo

 This picture melts my heart

 Daddy's first poopy diaper change

 Aunt Cindy and Reece could not get enough of mister Cooper

 Cooper finally gets to meet his Aunt Brooke!!   

 Micah Claire was so excited.  I can't wait to watch them all grow up together

 Wade, Lindsey, and mister Henry stopped by.  I'm not sure what Henry thought about baby Cooper. HA!

 Mimi was smitten

 My dear friend Beth sent us this super cute wreath.  I loved it!

 Poppa was so giddy when he held his grandson for the first time.

 I think they are proud, what do you think? :)

 Nana finally got a turn to hold baby C

 It was such a joy seeing my dad hold my son :)

 Jamie and Caroline came to visit

 What a natural!  Jamie's gonna be a great dad one day!

 Aunt Sue and Tammy came to visit.  It won't be long and Miss Ellery will be here to play with Cooper.

 Love these girls!

 Eric had to get a picture with the cubs hat :)

 He was not very happy when I put him in his going home outfit! HA!

 Our little prince

 Time to go home!! YAY!

 This is one of Cooper's favorite spots!

 First sponge bath!  He was not a happy camper

 Eric's first Father's Day. 
Cooper got him a digital picture frame so he can have lots of pictures to look when he goes back to work.


 Aunt Debbie and Mamaw came to visit Monday

 One big happy family :)

 First weight check.  He got a good report.  He weighed 7# 10oz. 

 First trip to daddy's office!