Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Parker William, you are growing up so fast! Hard to believe you are already 3 months old.  You continue to be such a good baby! You sleep through the night (most nights), you giggle and smile all the time, and you are really becoming vocal, making lots of cute sounds trying to talk to us.  You hair continues to lighten up and your roots are white blonde.  Its so funny because it looks like you have highlights in your dark hair :) Your eyes are still a deep blue so maybe they will stay that way cause they are so pretty. I can tell you are growing! You can still wear some 3 months but are getting into the 3-6 month clothes now. I'm anxious to see what you weigh at your 4 month check up! You are the best natured, most laid back baby ever!  I am one lucky momma!

Love this face!

You love bath time!!

I rarely have a picture of you now where you are not smiling.  You are soo happy!

14 weeks old here!

Getting so strong!

I love you sweet boy!