Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014!!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year and it was extra special because it was Parker's first Christmas! We are always so busy this time of year because we have a big family with lots of Christmases to go to, but it is always so much fun getting to spend time with all our family.  

We started our Christmases off last Saturday for Christmas at my mom's. I don't get to see my brothers and that side of he family often so its always great to be able to get together and spend time together

Crazy kids!!

Waiting patiently to open his presents!!

Me and my big boy!

Ninja turtle gear! This was definitely the year of ninja turtles for this boy!

Parker had fun opening his presents too!

He really likes the paper ;)

My sweet boys!

This bow is yummy mom

My little Ninja Turtle!

Our next stop was on Sunday for Christmas at my dad's!

Parker and his Papaw Parker

Are these for me mom?!? :)

This boy loves his movies!!

Love that smile!

And this one too!

Now that's a BIG truck!

Papaw and all his grandson's

Love my dad and sis so much!

Parker loves his Nana!

Next we had Christmas with Eric's mom's side of the family on Monday!

Parker loves his Aunt KK

Love that excitement!

More Ninja Turtles!  Everyone knew what this boy liked!


This face cracks me up!

Ninja turtle from head to toe!

Parker got the coolest little car and he loved it!

On Tuesday, we didn't have a Christmas because Parker got tubes early that morning. Everything went great! The doc said his ears were filled with so much wax it looked like glue, poor guy!  So, hopefully he will now start to feel better and have no more ear infections!!

All smiles before they took him back :)

On Wednesday, we started back our Christmases with my whole family in Hope.  Every since I can remember, that side of the family has always gotten together Christmas Eve.

My dad and Aunt Debbie...I got them tickled right before I took the pic :)

Love these girls!

Having fun with Nana!

Love my dad!

My dad and his girls!

Me and my sweet P

Aunt Crystal gettin some P loving

Parker loves his girls!

Writing their letter to Santa

P signing his name :)

Putting out the reindeer food!

Putting out his cookies for Santa

He had to make a silly face 

And finally it was Christmas morning!!!!

He went straight for the stockings!

This boy was so excited about his new soap (cause it had ninja turtles on it) ;)

Santa brought P a new toy!

Such excitement...I love it!

He finally got a ninja turtle blanket he has been asking for!

And he got his ninja turtle pillow buddy!

Rocking out!

For his big present from Santa he gets to go see his favorite band next month..Florida Georgia Line!

This boy loves bubbles so he was excited to go try out his new bubble blower!

Nonee brought over stockings and he was pumped his was filled with candy!

Parker got money in his!

Nonee also brought him his daddy's Polar Express book that he had as a child..He loved it!

Our last, but definitely not the least Christmas was at Eric's dad's Christmas Day!

Poppa and Nana with all their kiddos minus Creed (he was sleeping) 

So sweet!

I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful family!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas and made so many memories!!