Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Parker Turns 2!!!

A couple of months ago when I started to think about your birthday party, I knew exactly what you would want it to be.  You have been obsessed with yo gabba gabba since the first time you watched it, so it was no question at all what your party theme would be.  And when you walked in and saw all your favorite characters plus a big bounce house, you squealed with excitement and it made my heart so happy. You had so much fun.  I don't think you stopped smiling the whole party. It was a great day!

Getting some love from KK!

My sweet 2 year old!

You loved your yo gabba gabba table!

Gabba cake!

You were dancing and showing your excitement!


That face :)

Family photo!

Time to bounce!!

You loved it!

And you loved the slide!!

Party set up!

You were so happy when Reece got there!

You are so loved by your family! And we were so happy Uncle Tommy, Aunt Amanda, Kiya, and Hunter were able to come!

You kept running up and shouting all the character's names!

Sliding with Eli!

Mommy and daddy have some pretty great friends too! They all came to celebrate your big day!

Time to sing Happy Birthday!

Blowing out your candles!

Cake time!

You had blue icing from head to toe! LOL!

Time to open presents!

Loving your new gabba books!

You got some many great gifts! You are one loved little boy!

Getting hugs from Poppa!

You had such a fun day! You can tell by your eyes you were wore out but you were not gonna let go of your balloons! 

Happy 2nd birthday Parker William! We love you!