Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Monday, November 24, 2014

Catching up!!

Am I really 4 months behind?!?  Geez I feel horrible so much time has passed without posting but the last few months have been crazy.  Parker has been sick, I had surgery, and then you throw day to day life on top of that....needless to say, we have been a little busy! :)

I never posted any Camp Meeting pics from this year.  This was Parker's first camp meeting and he was a little trooper.  He did great in church and loved swinging in his swing on the front porch every day.  And of course Coop had a blast! He played hard every day!  He was wore out by the end of the week. Another year of great memories!

Parker was a little hungry here so he was not liking picture time :)

Snuggling with daddy at church!

Ice cream time! 

What's camp meeting without tons of water balloons!

Coop had grown so much since last year

Parker's first year to get measured :):)

Even though I haven't posted them, I still took all his monthly pictures.  I can't believe how much he changes with each month!

At 6 months he got to start eating baby foods! At first he was hesitant but now he loves to eat!

And the most recent one! I can't believe my baby is 8 months old!! Parker you continue to be the best baby! So far you have 2 bottom teeth and I think your top 2 may come in soon because they are very swollen! You love to eat any kind of fruits and veggies.  We tried some puffs this week to practice picking up food.  You mainly just play with it right now.  You did finally put one in your mouth but you made the funniest face when you tasted it :) You still love to nurse and that makes this momma happy! You haven't crawled yet but will get up on all fours and rock back and forth so I'm sure it is coming soon!

Another first this month is at 8 months old you got your first hair cut.  Mommy tried to wait until you were a year old but it had gotten so long that I just had to go ahead and do it.  I'm glad I did though because it turned out so cute! Your hair is completely blonde now!

Since my last post Cooper started playing soccer.  It was so much fun watching him grow and learn through this sport.  This was his first time to ever be on a team so it taught him a lot!  When he first started playing, he was upset that the other players had the ball and he didn't.  But with each game he learned what it meant to be a team and he became such a good sport and a great team mate.  It made us so proud!

First soccer game!

Last soccer game showing off his medal!

Another exciting first for Cooper was he got to watch daddy shoot a deer for the first time!

I love this picture....Pure joy coming from both boys!

 This year for Halloween, the boys were Ninja Turtles. Cooper is obsessed with Ninja turtles, especially Raphael!

My 2 pumpkins! Parker's first Halloween!

Cutest Ninja Turtles ever!!

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