Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Monday, September 3, 2012

Good week topped off with a holiday!

We had a busy fun week! On Wednesday, Cooper attended his very first HSU Reddies football game. He was in awe! He loved every minute of it. I think we are going to be regulars every week at the HSU games.  I haven't been to a game since I was in college. It was neat hearing my ole Alma Mater :)

Cheering for the Reddies!
Here lately he has been more interested in using the spoon by himself.  He still hasn't mastered it but its fun watching him learn how to do it :)

Sillines :)
He has also become a little climber! And he's not picky on what it is.  At this moment he chose a diaper box!
On Saturday, my mom kept Coop while I met my dear friend Beth in Little Rock so we could have a girls day.  We had so much fun catching up! We started the day off with a great lunch and then we were off to get pedicures. I had the best pedicure of my life at the place we went to.  I believe it was called Luxury Nails.  It was fantastic! Thanks Beth for treating me! Next, we did a little shopping. I couldn't have asked for a better day. I wish we could get together more often, but when we do we its always a fun time.  Later that evening it was time to call the hogs!!!
Here is Coop doing his hog call!
 My little razorback
For the game, we grilled burgers at Poppa and Nana's house and Poppa got the game for us to watch.  Although I don't think I watched one second of the game because I was too busy taking care of this little busy bee.  He was all over the place playing.  He had fun!

He decided it would be more fun to try to pull Poppa in the wagon :)

After many attempts, this was the best picture I could get of all three of them! HA!
Sunday, we took the boat out for the last time for the summer!

Captain of the boat!

Too sweet!

He even got to play with his buddy Laynee!
Sunday evening, Coop and daddy built their very first fort.  Daddy named it Fort Coop :) It was pretty hilarious watching them play in it.


This cracked me up! As you can see it wasn't a very big fort since daddy's legs didn't even fit! LOL!

Good times!
This morning, Eric took Coop down to the river to play with Bud.  He said Coop had a blast throwing rocks and watching Bud play in the water.

We hope everyone has a great Labor Day!

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Beth said...

It was a great day! Cooper is so stinking cute!