Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Eric, Ashley, Cooper, & Parker

Sunday, March 20, 2011

26 Weeks And Starting On The Nursery!

I can't believe I'm already 26 weeks!  It's gone by so fast!  So far, I have been really lucky because I've had a pretty easy pregnancy.  I never got sick, and I feel really good.  Hopefully I continue to feel as good as I do.  We'll see!  This weekend Eric's mom, little sister, and cousin came down to help us paint the nursery since I can't paint. Before we got started Eric did a little artwork of his own :)

The girls really wanted to help paint too!

Eric and his mom


Becky and Reece.  As you can see we have the room painted! Progress!

The whole gang!  I was really happy with the color! I can't wait to see the room once we get the bed set up with the cute bedding and curtains my friend Jeanette made.

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